ready fore golf, your greens on the web

Ready FORE Golf?  Your future Greens on the Web.

My name is Ray Williams. I created Ready Fore Golf to be the place for all things Golf.

What to expect from Ready Fore Golf?

Live PGA and other Tour leaderboards, tips, tricks, product reviews, articles, info on your favorite players and more. Ready Fore Golf.com is a work in progress for the enjoyment of all golfers. If you’re a beginner, once-in-awhile weekend putter, avid enthusiast or swinging up the leader board to become a Pro, you’ve come to the right site. We’re your go-to site.

Ready FORE Golf?  Your future Greens on the Web.

This site ultimately will be the one source for all things golf. While building your site, I thought you’d might like to see the new construction. Return often to view the progress.

I want to hear from you. What do YOU want from your golf site? Here’s an opportunity to give your input in designing along the way.

Got suggestions? E-mail here. I’ll read and reply because without you, there’s no me.

May your swing be straight and the ball soar far … Ray Williams 2018


  • News
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Video interviews
  • PGA and other tournament LIVE leaderboards
  • Links to golf courses in the USA and around the world
  • Discounts in the USA and elsewhere
  • Latest product reviews
  • Special hard to get items

This website is yours. All Golf, All the time and we’re not just puttering around.

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